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Have you ever wondered where to find the best chocolate in Paris?

Buy beautiful lingerie? Read about the latest literary events? Educate yourself about current French politics or even some scandal? Discover a secret garden? Preview a Louvre exhibit or visit an artist’s atelier? Are you curious about what it’s like to be a parent living in France?  Or why the French had to redesign the Statue of Liberty three times before it was acceptable to the American public? Have you dreamed about owning an apartment in the City of Light?

Then meet our bloggers whose articles and interviews are read by more than 25,000 subscribers. We live and work in Paris. We walk her streets, ride the metro and buses, drink in her cafes, sleep and eat in her apartments, admire her gardens, complain about her bureaucracy, the weather, strikes and high prices.  But for now, we wouldn’t live in any other place.

We write our impressions, opinions and recommendations so that our readers can share and learn from our experiences.

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Mary Duncan

About Mary Duncan

Mary Duncan, a native San Diegan, grew up in National City, where Henry Miller said he found his identity. In searching for her identity, she has traveled to numerous countries and prefers to be where there is action, diversity and controversy. Her research specialty as a professor at San Diego State University was the “troubles” in Belfast, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republican Army. She focused on the conflict’s impact on children and the internal organization of the I.R.A. and its cell groups. In addition she has researched children and play patterns in Mexican squatter villages, Arab Tourism in London and international terrorism. In 1982, she moved to La Jolla, a seaside community in San Diego. She met people who introduced her to the worlds of Henry Miller, Simone de Beauvoir, Colette and other writers. And it is in these worlds that she found relief from the stress and uncertainty that emanated from her Belfast research. Paris and La Jolla entered her life almost simultaneously. In Paris she created a circle of friends and started building a foundation for a life in the City of Light. After her marriage to Yuri Loskutov, a Russian, she lived in Moscow several months of the year and founded Shakespeare and Company Bookstore Moscow. Since 2000, she has mainly lived in Paris. In 2005, she purchased an archive consisting of audio tapes, photographs and correspondence related to the life of Henry Miller. Some of these materials are described in her memoir, “Henry Miller is Under My Bed: People and Place on the Way to Paris.” (2008). She is a member of the Advisory Committee for the Henry Miller Memorial Library in BIg Sur, California and is is a patron of the Shakespeare and Company Literary Festival. In 2008, she founded the Paris Writers Group. In between her writing and travels, she continues to live in Paris.

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